Skiathos - Greece

Set sail from Skiathos, the most cosmopolitan of the Sporades islands yet still unashamedly Greek. Visitors have described this part of the world as ‘paradise on earth’, so little wonder it now boasts a holiday reputation in the ascendancy. However, despite its status as top tourist hotspot, these islands remain picturesque and unspoilt as ever, blessed with an abundance of stunning beaches, some of which have been declared the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

Working to an itinerary that is as fluid as the translucent waters below, your Captain will be largely directed by the mood and wind as you are transported along the Sporades archipelago. A wealth of exciting and memorable places to drop anchor awaits, such as attractive harbours and bays, uninhabited nature reserves and breath-taking beaches you only tend to find once in a lifetime, many of which are only accessible by boat.

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Turkish Delight

The Turkish coast and islands were a delightful location for the Yacht Club in 2016, with the mesmerising mix of familiar and exotic proving to be a great pull.

With the crystal turquoise waters lapping at the boat we visited white sandy beaches and dropped anchor in close proximity to Byzantine ruins, classical Greek cities and Roman fortresses.

The Turkish bazaars and souks provided a high-octane experience, bursting with vibrancy and bustling with activity, where haggling was positively encouraged by the local traders.

As the sun sets on our summer of sailing around the incredible landscapes and natural wonders of the country where East meets West, we take with us memories of a wonderful summer on the seas.