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Yacht Club presents the‘2 for 1’ offer of a lifetime!

A Club La Costa Yacht Club sailing holiday offers the ultimate in luxury, romance and adventure, the only thing different to the experience enjoyed by the super rich is the price!

And right now you can literally save thousands of ₤s on the cost of a similar holiday and pay just half the CLC Yacht Club special charter cabin price of ₤5,500, which means one of you goes free!

Your sailing cruise will deliver a lifetime of wonderful memories after a week of being pampered and fussed over while sailing in the clear, warm waters of Greece and dropping anchor in fascinating bays.

A holidaying journalist described being aboard as “your own slice of an Abramovich-level luxury lifestyle”. And you don’t have to be a Russian oligarch to appreciate the special touches that make a sailing holiday like this simply like no other.

It’s love at first sight as you catch a first glimpse of your gleaming catamaran rubbing alongside the super yachts in the marina. Welcomed on board by a friendly and professional crew, who are there to attend you, you’ll be shown to an extremely comfortable and surprisingly spacious cabin with its own en-suite shower room.

Your first cocktail on deck allows you to savour the moment and prepare yourselves to absorb the intense pleasures of the week ahead. It’s a chance to get to know crew and fellow passengers in a convivial setting, and to check out your yacht’s facilities.

Each catamaran has nets for total relaxation and sunbathing, stylish dining facilities (both indoors and out), a galley kitchen where many mouthwatering meals are freshly prepared for you, a bar (of course), and water sports equipment on board.  And by the way, your all-inclusive on board package, included in the price, covers all but two meals during the holiday, and all drinks on board.

You choose the pace, active or laid back, with stop off points to enjoy sights, some in otherwise hard to get to places, shopping and entertainments.

What better vantage point than from on deck to watch gorgeous sunsets and the glow of harbour lights. If you wish, you can take the opportunity to learn something about sailing from the captain with the opportunity to steer such an amazing craft.

On deck under the stars is a magical place to be with your partner, especially after a thrilling day spent snorkelling, swimming and marvelling at the underwater life milling around the boat as it drops anchor in otherwise unseen coves.

A holiday to dream of? Not any longer, at this price it’s no more than the cost of a landlocked holiday. So call now, limited availability, and it’s plain sailing all the way!

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+34 952 66 99 90.

Please refer to Charter Rental Terms & Conditions for further details.