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Red Sea

Red sea

The Red Sea

For incredible insights into a teeming world of marine life, some of which is unique to this location, and for the almost heart-stopping, inspirational beauty and mystery of mountains and desert-scapes forming its backdrop, the Red Sea cannot be beaten.

The Red Sea is a natural border between the continents of Asia and Africa. The world’s most northern tropical sea, it is inhabited by an immense variety of marine life with 2 kilometres of coral reef, some of it up to 7,000 years old, extending along its coastline. Angelfish, butterfly fish, frogfish, parrotfish, Napoleon wrasse and turtles, as well as over 1,000 invertebrate species, with some 200 varieties of soft and hard coral, provide spectacular underwater viewing.

Another attraction of the Red Sea is its shipwrecks, both old and relatively recent, many of which can be explored and some of which, owing to the clarity of the water, can be spotted from the surface. For snorkellers and divers, the Red Sea is a veritable treasure chest of spectacular discovery.

Red sea This body of water goes from the Indian Ocean in the south and ends in the Gulfs of Suez and Aqaba to the north, between which Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula creates a bridge between the two continents.

Remaining Bedouins continue their nomadic life across the vast expanses of the Sinai Desert, while Aqaba, on the Jordanian coast, like Eilat in Israel, is a place of luxury tourist development and sophistication.

The winter climate is favourable for sailing and enjoys comfortable daily temperatures - with visibility good year round - falling to 10º centigrade at night while average annual rainfall is just 0.6 metres. Protected by the landmass of Sinai, the waters of the north are almost always calm.

The Red Sea, which is paradoxically a blue and multi-coloured other world, is a place where scorching desert meets ocean and as such is one of the planet’s most exotic and deeply fascinating destinations.