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Why Join?

Why Join?

Fabulous sailing holidays with the Club La Costa Yacht Club are part of a wide range of holiday-taking styles created by CLC World Resorts & Hotels; a leading provider of holiday products that began life in 1984, with a successful programme of expansion and development of mixed use resorts worldwide ever since.

A desire to discover new holiday experiences and sail in some of the most beautiful regions of the world were the inspirational forces for the formation of the Yacht Club, made possible with the commission of sleek, 60-foot cruising catamarans and recruitment of highly skilled, experienced crews.

Yacht Club members enjoy the privileged sense of being on board their own private yacht without, of course, the financial burdens of owning or chartering one - and no doubt attracting the envious glances of many as they moor in marinas and access less visited spots in popular locations.

Members reserve one or more private double cabins for a week, or number of weeks, each year for 12 years. Over that time they have so much to enjoy as they are pampered in a style and a manner usually only associated with the holiday taking of the very wealthy. With Club La Costa Yacht Club that experience is available to all who value holidays with a difference.

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