When you step on board the Club La Costa Yacht Club, prepare for a holiday unlike any other.

You’ll be joining like-minded couples and families who enjoy special times seeing some of the most spectacular scenery from a different perspective: from the deck of our luxury catamarans.

Many of our members forge lasting friendships as they share the thrill of sailing in warm Mediterranean waters, dropping anchor in otherwise inaccessible coves and visiting unspoilt beaches and charming island villages and towns.

The Club makes this exclusive way to holiday accessible. For this week duration you simply sunbathe, swim, picnic, take part in water sports, explore on land and below the water… or just lie back and read a good book, secure in the knowledge that your captain and professional crew are there to take good care of you.

Our crews look forward to welcoming both familiar and new faces, getting each person’s favourite tipple at sundown correct.
We deliver service at the highest level: from serving delicious, freshly prepared meals and drinks during the sail, through to coaching and guiding sailing practises while ensuring everyone’s safety and comfort.

Fascinating itineraries are carefully thought out to make the most of each sail, and there is the pleasure of a light, airy and plush fitted floating hotel awaiting your return and likely a spectacular sunset to marvel at over dinner.

Shared adventures and unique experiences, that’s how our members feel about their special times together with Club La Costa Yacht Club, and you can be part of it too.

A wealth of experience

Club La Costa Yacht Club is the marine arm of CLC World Resorts & Hotels; a leading provider in Europe of holiday ownership products, and freehold holiday homes, for more than 30 years, with 32 award-winning resorts worldwide.

The Yacht Club was launched in 2007, with the aim of delivering top level service to its members, who return to enjoy the inspirational and changing itineraries that have taken our catamarans into the waters around the islands of Greece, Turkey, Italy, and Montenegro, as well as the desert of Sinai, Egypt, in the Red Sea.

Taking its cue from its many thousands of member families, CLC World creates and services a range of holiday experiences in desired destinations, in line with a company culture of not only meeting but also exceeding their expectations.

Members do not require any sailing experience. We take care of everything so they feel secure at all times and totally relaxed as we sail the calm, blue waters of the Med in a luxury manner. At the same time, they are excited at the freshness of the holiday and what they will see.

About our Captain

Captain Leor Revivo is passionate about sailing and is a yachting professional with more than 20 years’ expertise in the holiday industry, over half of this in a hands-on marine role.

Under his direction and supervision, the Club La Costa Yacht Club crews and service personnel are trained to ensure that the highest service and safety levels are strictly met; he will settle for nothing less!

Just returned from 2 weeks in heaven, can’t wait to set sail again…
An unforgettable experience shared with wonderful new friends
Fantastic! We are already planning our next voyage!