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Something for everyone

Enjoy the world’s most stunning coastlines from a completely different perspective with a varied range of activities, each guaranteed to leave you buzzing with excitement. Snorkelling and scuba diving beneath crystal-clear waters grants you passage to an incredible world of wonder, where vibrantly-coloured sea creatures navigate through coral-encrusted landscape lush with seagrasses, bejewelled with anemones.

Captain your own kayak or paddle board and enjoy a mini-voyage of discovery leading to secluded coves and tucked away beaches where you really feel you have discovered paradise.

Please note: some activities may have seasonal availability, and charges may apply for specific activities and equipment use. For more information on resort services and fees, please contact our team.


Some of the world’s most fascinating flora and fauna can be found in the shallow waters and rock pools close to the seashore. Indulge your adventurous side at your own pace, snorkelling wherever your curiosity leads you through a myriad of habitats, bustling with aquatic activity.


For those looking to explore the coastline at a more leisurely pace, a kayak is the vessel of choice. Be your own captain and embark on a private mini voyage to discover secluded beaches and idyllic coves, out of reach by any other method of transport. Observe and engage with this compellingly stunning environment and together we can create some truly magical memories.


If you fancy trying out some snazzy tricks on the ocean, wakeboarding is for you. After a little instruction, you might want to try some 180-degree jumps or you may feel more comfortable just enjoying the ride of your life, bouncing along rolling waves, the sea spray tickling your skin.


Glide serenely across crystal-clear waters on our stand up paddleboards, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-timer. Engage with the captivating marine environment and create magical memories as you explore the coastal beauty at your own pace.


Dive into a world of aquatic fun with a playful array of water toys – whether you’re floating lazily in the sun or engaging in spirited water play, these colourful additions guarantee a splash of joy for guests of all ages. Embrace the excitement and let the laughter ripple across the water as you make unforgettable memories with our delightful selection of water toys.


Experienced divers and novices alike can discover the spectacular scenery of the seabed first-hand on our supervised dives, taking you on an aquatic adventure of a lifetime. Observe and engage with this compellingly stunning environment and together we can create some truly magical memories.