Samos - Greece

Dropping anchor at islands and islets of outstanding natural beauty as you sail around the eastern Aegean Sea is just one of the many joys of basing CLC Yacht Club on the gorgeous Greek island of Samos for 2018. Separated from Turkey by the Mycale Strait, Samos is famous for being the birthplace of the Ancient World’s legendary mathematician Pythagoras and the philosopher Epicurus. Yet today visitors are drawn to its beautiful fishing villages and wonderful off-the-beaten track beaches. And who can ignore the taste of its sweet, home-grown Muscat wine – the perfect tipple as you watch the sun set over the Aegean Sea from your vantage point on deck.
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Corfu - Greece

For 2019 we are basing ourselves in the Ionian Sea and the beautiful island of Corfu. Its historic centre, the Old Town of Corfu, is a Unesco world heritage site while its interior is noted for its dense vegetation and green mountainsides. With a history stretching back some 3,000 years, this is an island steeped in the myths and legends of the ancient Greeks. But did you know of the strong connection to Britain? It became a protectorate of the United Kingdom in 1815 and was not handed back to the Greeks until nearly 50 years later. Join us in 2019 when our boats glide effortlessly through the same blue waters that once provided a welcome for Jason and the Argonauts!
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Turkish Delight

The Turkish coast and islands were a delightful location for the Yacht Club in 2016, with the mesmerising mix of familiar and exotic proving to be a great pull.

With the crystal turquoise waters lapping at the boat we visited white sandy beaches and dropped anchor in close proximity to Byzantine ruins, classical Greek cities and Roman fortresses.

The Turkish bazaars and souks provided a high-octane experience, bursting with vibrancy and bustling with activity, where haggling was positively encouraged by the local traders.

As the sun sets on our summer of sailing around the incredible landscapes and natural wonders of the country where East meets West, we take with us memories of a wonderful summer on the seas.