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Last Updated January 2024

Hold tight as we unfurl the sails of excitement for the Yacht Club 2024 upcoming maritime escapade! 

At the beginning of December, we gave you a glimpse of our 2024 sailing plans, and we’re delighted to now be able to unveil the new the Lagoon 46 Catamarans!

Imagine gliding through turquoise waters, the sun kissing your face, and the Lagoon 46 as your ticket to exceptional sailing.

From spacious ensuite facilities with climate control to the elegantly designed saloon, our Lagoon 46 Catamarans are an ode to maritime elegance, ensuring your journey is as comfortable as it is lavish.

Experience technical marvels as you navigate the enchanting Saronic Gulf Islands. The Lagoon 46 boasts centred rigging for optimal control, spacious ensuite cabins with climate control, and an elegantly designed saloon for the ultimate in comfort. Outdoor dining options with breath-taking views and transformable sundecks for luxurious sunbathing further elevate the experience.

But don’t take our word for this, let your eyes do our talking…

Get ready to set sail into a realm of splendour and luxury—smooth seas and fair winds await you aboard the Lagoon 46 Catamarans!

Best regards,

Club La Costa Yacht Club Team

Following our recent November communication, we’re excited to unveil further details about our 2024 sailing plans. 

As we prepare for your next maritime adventure, your dedicated Yacht Club team are working diligently behind the scenes to ensure a seamless experience for your nautical journey.

You are soon to embark on an unforgettable 2024 maritime adventure with your Club La Costa Yacht Club! 

You will discover new experiences on board your next Club La Costa Yacht Club sailing the new exquisite Lagoon 46 Catamarans—meticulously designed for opulent high-sea living.
Elevate your experience with enhanced living space, top-notch amenities, and exciting features.

Your journey will be through the unique gems of the Saronic Gulf Islands

  • Aegina, renowned for its pistachio orchards and neoclassical charm;
  • Picture-perfect Poros with vibrant waterfronts and historical sites;
  • Car-free Hydra exuding timeless elegance;
  • Spetses with maritime history and pine-covered landscapes;
  • Salamis, steeped in history with ancient ruins and scenic landscapes. Capture the essence of tradition, charm, and natural beauty on this captivating voyage!

In the coming weeks stay tuned for further updates where we’ll share more on the new luxurious Lagoon 46 yachts moored at the scenic Alimos Marina, and the Saronic Gulf Islands which will be set to be your nautical playground, offering a perfect blend of tranquillity and adventure.

Find out more about the Club La Costa Yacht Club Greece, Athens here!

Thanks to you all, for your understanding and endless enthusiasm as we chart the course for an exciting 2024. 

Best regards,

Club La Costa Yacht Club Team

Dear Member,

Firstly, on behalf of everyone involved we apologise for not communicating as promised at the end of October. There have been some extremely material issues that needed addressing regarding the future direction of the Club and therefore we have had to consider multiple scenarios about the best way forward.

It is clear from the feedback that has been received during the 22/23 season that the quality of the holidays provided has not met the standards you have come to expect from us.

While we had many unusual challenges to overcome caused by the Greek authorities being highly sensitive to boats operating in an area subject to migrant movements, neither the quality and focus of our operational management or the standard of the boats was good enough. This was made very clear from the comments and feedback received.

We are therefore making a number of substantial changes:

Leor will no longer be involved in the running of the Yacht Club and we have instead contracted with a well-established Company in Athens who will be operating under extremely precise SLAs to ensure that all your future holidays once more “consistently exceed expectations”.

We will be operating out of Athens next year with Sunday as our changeover day and should have no issue in continuing to operate in Greece for the remaining life of the club.

The march of time has seriously impacted on our boats which now need a substantial refit at significant cost in order to remain fit for purpose. This would require a large special management charge to complete.

We have considered this cost via the alternative of contracting brand new boats for you and based on our costings this latter option will be about 10% cheaper than running the existing boats with the extensive repairs required and obviously bring the benefit of being NEW.

We have therefore contracted two Lagoon 46 boats for the 24 and 25 season which will deliver enhanced living space and come with all the toys and fun you would expect from your ownership.

Club La Costa Yacht Club team of course remains your contact point for all things to do with your Yacht Club Membership and will continue to provide their exceptional services to you all.

It has been quite clear this year that the 5-star plus holidays that we aim to deliver have fallen short of our target but we are confident that this new structure will deliver the luxury experience that our Members deserve.

It has been a fabulous journey over the 17 years of the Club and we intend for its remaining years to live up to those initial expectations that you all had and beyond.

Kind regards

Club La Costa Yacht Club

Dear Members

2024 sailing update – our sincere apology, we have missed our previously advised notice date of 31st October.

We are delayed in the release of 2024 details simply by the amount of work involved in this review process, which we wish to ensure is both full and correct.

We are very conscious that following this year’s sailings we need to re-set 2024 delivery standards correctly for the Memberships.

Please bear with us for a few more days, we are expecting to have a confirmed position with a Member update by the end of this week.

We thank you once again for your continued patience.

Club La Costa Yacht Club

2024 Update

Dear Members

As we come to the end of our 2023 sailing season in Kos we are in the process of reviewing the options for our 2024 season.  We do appreciate that members like to get flights booked early, however we recommend you wait until we have fully confirmed the details before booking any flights.  We will be updating all members by  31st October 2023 on the plans for 2024 in the meantime we would like to thank all members for their support and patience.

Club La Costa Yacht Club Team

Dear Yacht Club Members

Kos Season – further update:

We are delighted to confirm that the required registration paperwork is now completed with the Greek Authorities, and that our Club La Costa Yachts & their dedicated crews will be welcoming Members onboard from this Wednesday 12th July 2023.

We would like to thank all Yacht Club Members that have been affected in their sailings this season and for your understanding and support.

We do appreciate the frustrations and various impacts to your sailing holidays and again would like to say how extremely sorry we are for any inconvenience this has caused.

We are now looking forward with confidence that Yacht Club Members will enjoy their sailing holidays & adventures on our Club La Costa Yachts for the remainder of this 2023 season and importantly for the future sailing seasons.

Your Sincerely


Dear Yacht Club Members

Kos Season 2023

As some of you are now aware we have faced some unscheduled challenges at the start of the 2023 sailing season and we would like to give a quick update on our current and projected positions.

There have been some unforeseen and unexpected delays in the registration of the yachts in Kos with the Greek Authorities.

This has meant that the yachts have not been made ready for the May and now June sailings, and our primary aim is to provide all Yacht Club Members with their scheduled sailing holiday. We also fully appreciate that the majority of you will have flights and possible additional accommodation booked and in place.

The registration situation is changing daily and we have therefore been forced to make some changes to our operation for the sailings in May and June.

We have chartered alternative yachts and where this has not been possible we have provided a land based option. We are delighted to report that the feedback back from members has been very positive.

We are therefore pleased to advise that sailings from 28th June are expected to operate on our own yachts, for the rest of the season.

If you have a sailing booked for 14th or 21st June our Yacht Club Team will be in contact with you in the coming days to advise you.

We do understand the frustration and any inconvenience this has caused, and for which we are truly sorry, and please rest assured we continue to work extremally hard to provide exceptional holidays, and we are looking forward to the rest of the season back on our own Club La Costa Yachts.

Your Sincerely