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Rules On Use And Occupation Of Yachts

“CLC” means CLC Yacht Club Limited.

“Passenger” means any Member or guest, where permitted, who is entitled to use a Yacht.

“Yacht” means one of the boats made available by CLC on which the holiday will be taken.

Passengers must:
(a) Notify CLC in writing in advance of the commencement of the relevant reservation, the name of the person(s) who will be occupying the relevant Cabin and to occupy the Cabins and Yacht only between the specified check-in time on the first day and the specified check-out time on the last day of each period of occupation allocated to him them in any year and only to use as holiday accommodation and for no other purposes.

(b) Keep and maintain the interior of the Yacht occupied in a good and tenantable state and condition during the period of the Passenger’s occupancy, and to pay or indemnify the CLC against any damage, deterioration or dilapidation, other than as a result of fair wear and tear and damage or destruction by fire or any other insured risk which may have occurred during his occupancy period, of which the CLC shall be the sole judge.

(c) In the event that any repair or maintenance work is required to a Yacht or its contents whilst it is occupied by a Passenger, to allow access on reasonable notice except in the case of emergency, to enable such work to be carried out. Not to store any dangerous or inflammable material on the yacht.

(d) Not make any alterations to any Yacht or its contents. To pay all other expenses incurred by the Passenger including all telephone calls made and to pay such reasonable deposit as CLC may demand against its charges.

(e) Not block or obscure any windows not hang anything out of the yacht windows.

(f) Not do anything which would constitute a nuisance to any other Passenger or any other person and in particular, but without prejudice, to the generality of the following:

  • not cause any noise (including music) which may be audible from the outside of the cabin(s) and, in particular, between the hours of 10pm and 8am
  • not let children play anywhere onboard unattended, and in particular, in common areas or passageways leading to the cabin(s)
  • not bring any animals or birds onboard the vessel(s)
  • not throw any waste from portholes or deck into the water

(g) Not allow more than two persons to occupy the cabin(s) or as otherwise permitted by CLC and for the sake of safety of all passengers, not to allow a child to use a Yacht unless authorised by CLC and accompanied by at least one Passenger or guest who meets the Passenger minimum age criteria established by CLC.

(h) Not contravene or permit the contravention of any law, by-law, ordinance, proclamation, regulation or the conditions of any licence relating to or affecting the Yachts or any of the bases or ports from which the Yachts sail or stop in harbour during any week.

(i) Allow access to clean the cabin(s) from 9am on the last day of the occupancy period in order to make it ready for the next Passenger to utilise the premises from 5pm on the same day and to comply with all arrangements onboard in relation to the disposal of refuse and waste from the Yacht.

(j) Not use nor permit the use of any Yachts in any manner or for any purpose which might adversely affect the reputation of the Yacht Club.

(k) Not cause, permit or suffer to be caused any act or omission which would render void or voidable the insurance of the vessel(s) and its contents, or any other insurance for the time being in force and relating to the vessel(s) or might operate to increase the premium payable in respect of any such insurance, and to indemnify CLC against any increased or additional premium which may be reason of any such act or default may be required for effecting or maintaining any insurance in the event of the vessel(s) and/or its cabin(s) or the contents thereof being damaged or destroyed by any such risk and the insurance money being wholly or partially irrevocable by reason solely or in part of any act or default of the Passenger, then and in every such case may require a fair proposition to be conclusively determined by a surveyor to be appointed by CLC of the cost of rebuilding and reinstatement of the same as the case may be together with the whole or such proportion as aforesaid of the fees of such a surveyor.

(l) Follow all lawful instructions of the skipper at all times. Under no circumstances may a minor be in charge or control of any Yacht.

(m) At all times observe these rules of occupation as amended by CLC from time to time.

(n) Comply with such reasonable requirements CLC may impose for safety reasons regarding diving qualifications and insurance.

(o) Pay any applicable on board All-Inclusive Fees as are invoiced on a reservation.

Please note:

1. Each Passenger will have responsibility for taking out insurance to cover himself or his family or his guests in respect of a cancellation of the holiday due to circumstances beyond the control of CLC and insurance to cover all medical costs for himself, his family and guests, such insurance will also provide cover for any accident or sickness during the period of occupancy.

2. Use of Yachts and services shall be at the sole risk of the Passengers using the same and CLC shall not (insofar as this does not relate to death or personal injury caused as a result of the negligence of employees or agents of the CLC) be in any way responsible for any damage or loss of whatever nature sustained by any person whomsoever and whether consequent upon or caused by human or animal agency, natural phenomena or otherwise.